The Philosophy & Origination

The Origination

At my Soul Reporter Blog, in a post I wrote: “I wanted to give him a taste of my angry spaghetti.”

“Angry Spaghetti” came out of nowhere, and I thought it sounded stupid and I almost erased it, but I have learned to trust that “out of nowhere” place and kept it. It turns out my husband thought this was genius, and now he kids- “Uh-ho, here comes the angry spaghetti.” Which really means my wrath, my Italian temper. So Angry Spaghetti stuck, and my husband suggested I turn it into a gluten-free blog. Now, who’s the genius?

So here it is. Since this time of origination, I have found out that there is already a term out there for angry spaghetti. I know, I can’t believe I didn’t know about it either. I am sure everyone does- that angry spaghetti is a sauce made with hot chili peppers. Makes sense, but I’m not a spice loving girl, so I like my term better.

What I mean by angry spaghetti is the spaghetti is angry because it lacks good old gluten. But this Italian is less angry because I lack gluten in my body. Gluten makes me crabby. Bloated. Irritable. Angry. And thus, we have the Gluten-Free Blog, Angry Spaghetti.

The Philosophy
Back to the Basics

Food is meant to nourish the body. ~From the teachings of Gandhi on diet & health

There are other gluten-free blogs out there. Some of them are beautifully displayed. So gourmet. So stylish. Now, I like to think I am a stylish kind of girl, but when it comes to food, I can do without the fancy-shmancy. I had money once, and found the fancy-shmancy a distraction and pretentious. I even found some of the meals distasteful at a few of those posh restaurants.

If I am cooking and I see too many ingredients I have never heard of in a recipe or would have no idea where to get them, I turn the page. I need simple, and especially if I am rearranging my entire eating lifestyle, which is what we do when we go gluten-free. It ain’t easy. But, if we are ready, and we are committed, we can make it easy. And that is what I am here to do, for me and hopefully for you. And not only do I need easy, right now, I need affordable. As much as I anticipate shopping only at Whole Foods someday, for now I go where the prices are sensible.

With these two philosophies in place, I intend to draw people to this blog who are just beginning this lifestyle change; to those who may not know about it, but stumbled upon it, and feel they might have a sensitivity to gluten; and to those who love the idea of gourmet and fashionable food, but turn the page and know what they need is- reasonable.

Recently, Martha Stewart wrote a blog on Huffington Post, Food is the New Fashion. Here is a piece of what she said: “Food has become more than one of life’s great pleasures. It has become a signifier of style, too. The notion that “you are what you eat” extends beyond the virtues of a nutritious, well-balanced diet. These days, it often seems that you are what you purchase in the supermarket or at the farmer’s market; your grocery list is a reflection of your values and your identity. Chefs are as celebrated as designers (move over, Armani, here’s Batali!) and eating and entertaining have become haute couture: Food is the new fashion.” She also concludes: “Great food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.”

The best meal I have ever had was in Windsor. A plain restaurant. A simple meal. Salmon. Potatoes. Cabbage. And bread. (I wasn’t gluten free yet). Amazing. Eye rolling. Unforgettable experience. There were no fancy ingredients. No artistic presentation. And according to my husband with his fantastic memory, the cheapest meal we had on our London weekend.

I love Martha. I really do. Going to her house for lunch someday is on my bucket list. I agree with everything she says, but Martha and so many like her, especially now as food is becoming the new fashion, sell a fantasy. I want to live a good life. Often dreamed of one like Martha’s, but I have no interest in selling fantasy or invoking our inner perfectionist. Instead I want real. I want to invite space for authentic creativity with no pressure. And for me, this is the basic philosophy of this blog- real and simple. Because really- what I want for you and for me is to feel good. To be healthy. To have all our parts in our inner orchestra playing harmoniously.

Food takes up a lot of our time. The planning. The shopping. The preparing. And unless you are a chef and have a love affair with food, most of us just need to eat. Period. And food’s only job is to nourish and sustain the body. Period. Our only question is: Is the food alive? Will it nourish us? If we eat what resonates with our body, then we will feel good. If we don’t, and eat from emotions or cravings or out or societal expectation of being “in” or perfect, then overtime, we won’t feel good.

When I began eating gluten free I ate fish, chicken or beef, and vegetables. I had fruit smoothies and it is the best I have ever felt. I have since increased my menu, but the best times were the most basic times. If this blog evolves to be gourmet and fashionable, then that means my standards have changed. My belief structures have shifted, and I will go with the flow of my evolution, but for now, it’s back to the basics. Allowing for simple, and hopefully offering affordable and doable.


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