Gluten Free Products

Until I find another, or make one better- this is by far the best GF bread. Maybe even better than regular bread. And believe me when you’ve tasted some of the GF breads out there, you feel you’ve hit the Gluten-Free Gold with this one. Update: Rudi’s is also good. A larger slice as well. However, I’ve been eating Ezekiel lately. My question is- is that considered gluten-free?

For other allergens: crab, soy, milk, eggs. Broil, bake or pan fry. Costco
Thumbs up! Nothing artificial or processed here, at least by taste.

Trader Joes. Don’t overcook or it will be mush.
Until I test another one, this is one is cheap. And I have. Try their GF Corn pasta. Much better.

Trader Joes Brown Rice. Microwave or cook in pan for 10 minutes.
Thumbs up! Better if you burn it a bit, and add butter.

Trader Joes Gluten Free Crackers
And I thought I had to give up crackers. These are tasty and crunchy and cheap.

Trader Joes. $1.99
Butter and syrup, and just like the real thing. Quick breakfast too.

udi’s Pizza Crust Comes in a pack of 2
Thank the gluten free gods for udi’s. I love everything they do. This crust is pricey, but worth it.

Trader Joe’s GF Brownie Mix
It’s nice to have brownies again. Tasty. Chewy. A bit hard around the edges. One thing that always surprises me about gluten-free is how small everything is. Loaves of bread. Cake mixes. This brownie mix is no different.

OrganicVille BBQ Sauce
I do love this BBQ Sauce. For me, it is worth the higher price. I just use is sparingly.

Outback, although a chain some might resist, it has the largest gluten-free menu I’ve seen, and has dessert. Check out their menu here.

If you know of restaurants accommodating to gluten free eating, or have product suggestions, post a comment or send me an email:

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