The Message

As each one of us reaches our dreams that is one more to inspire the rest. 

Deadline is May 16 at 5pm PST
*If you are not on Facebook there is a comment box at the end of the post to cast your vote.

Brian Tracy, a part of his blog contest, asked what message, if we had the chance to touch many, would we want to share with the world. My husband sent me the link to participate in this opportunity and right before the deadline, I turned in my 800 word message. Out of 500+ posts received, mine was picked. It is now going live with 59 others who are looking to spread our message and get votes.

I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years. It has taught me how to write, and challenge myself for language to describe the complex inner journey so I can share it as clearly as I can with you. I realize my message isn’t trendy or popular. And it’s probably not fun either. I guess I can testify to that because the inner journey I’ve been on for at least 20 years has been rough, but truly I cannot think of a better way to spend at least some of our time (hopefully more) than learning the most interesting subject there is, our selves. Underneath our boring, hum-drum regular lives, there lives a dynamic and roaring life force that is just ready for us to dig deep enough to find it.

I guess that is what my message is- dig, and be curious about who you are. Who you meet, for remember everyone is you (Face to Face With the Guru). What you experience. How you feel. For everything you hold inside creates the life you have. For many of us our lives are not expressions of our fascinating guru within. Instead they are expressions of who we think we are. How we think we should live. But, we are waking up. Many more than ever before. I want us to keep going for our own inner happiness because there are breakthroughs and amazing discoveries as we dig. And most importantly I want us keep going so we spread the wisdom we gain to our brothers and sisters.

Getting my message from the inside out is my dream. Will you help another being get there?  There is room enough for us all to live from our authentic space.

To vote, go to this link and post a comment. I’d love to see those of you I don’t know personally, but know on a soul level. And please pass it on.

Brian Tracy Blog Contest 
Voting ends at 5 pm PST on May 16

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