The Simple Perfect Meal

I’ve poached an egg. I’ve never poached a salmon. It was simple, and eaten with a lemon-butter sauce- I’m in LOVE.

I believe I’v mentioned- the best meal I ever had was in Windsor. A small cafe near the castle. A piece of steamed salmon and vegetables. This compared, and I don’t have to go to Windsor to treat myself to it, although I’d like to.

Here is the recipe:

Salmon filet(s)
1 TBLS butter- or more depending on how many filets
salt and pepper
  • Place filet in pan, add water to cover half of the filet. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes, depending on thickness. Flip over when side is light pink.

  • While salmon cooks, melt butter, add a squeeze or more of the lemon. When filet is opaque in the middle, transfer to your plate and the lemon-butter sauce over your salmon. Add salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon wedge. 
Served here with asparagus. 
So Simple.

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