Quite Simply Eggs

The other day, I visited a woman who lives in an English cottage in Southern California. She has four chickens, three goats, one dog and one cat. She gathered eggs from her chickens and placed them on her granite counter, saving a half-dozen for me. I said, “I wonder why the eggs don’t look like this in the grocery store? What do they do to them because these colors are exquisite.” 
“Where are you from,” she asked? Yes, I am from Minnesota, but I did not grow up on a farm. I, like most of us are disconnected from our food. I aspire to have an English Cottage and call the chickens and watch them come to my back door, but I’m not there yet. I get the cheap eggs from Costco. They are white. And when you hard boil them the shells don’t come off easily. 
The eggs from my new friend’s chickens came off like magic. Smooth. Effortless. Simply. The yoke was deep yellow. The taste, real. raw. true. At first, I wasn’t even sure how to treat the egg. To be quite honest, I was a little afraid of the egg. Would it make me sick? Is it a “normal” egg? After my three eggs of pale peach and off-white were hard boiled and perfectly peeled, I found myself thanking the chickens as I cut and chopped their eggs. Thank you, dear chickens, for your offering. 
Unfortunately I do not normally feel so much gratitude for an egg, but I met their mothers. I loved how they came to the back door and looked in the window at us, hoping for food scraps. Their colors of brown fascinated me. The little red fleshy part on their head, which I am sure has a name. 
My new friend is rather educated about many things, but definitely food. She is in the process of being self-sustaining. Growing herbs for certain maladies. Vegetables and fruits for eating. Chickens for eggs, of course, and goats for milking. However, she said their nipples are a bit small so they are pets. But- she said with a goat you can have milk, cheese and butter.  But- did you know goats were slaughtered by the Roman Catholic church ions ago because they looked like the devil. Perhaps it is also because they offer the opportunity for self-sustainment. 
Did you also know that there is a federal law that has yet to be passed disallowing personal gardens? Can you imagine? Probably not, but the federal government has along with the food companies they are in bed with that want to control our food. Did you also know there is movement by big companies to take over seeds, making the heirloom seeds non-existent? Monsanto is taking over with their version of corn and sugar beets, that are genetically modified. They are taking what is already perfect and making it profitable- only for them. 
When I lived in a small town, I’d walk through the perfect little neighborhoods. One yard in particular caught my attention. It was adorned with rows of flowers and an artificial stream. I thought, how strange- the natural rawness of land is torn away to plant something else in its place that is manicured, taking out the wild. The real. The raw. Here is what the f’ing food companies are doing as well. We can’t let them. We just can’t. Our lives. Health. Children. Planet. Everything is at stake if we do. 
The more open I am to receive the truth of what is going on- and to experience the realness- like that of those eggs- I cannot participate in what isn’t real. What is being created artificially for power, money and control. I cannot. Am I perfect? Hell no. I still eat beef and chicken that isn’t organic. I don’t own chickens so I will be going back to Costco- because yes, right now it is a cost factor for me. However, as my economics change, who gets my money will too, and it won’t be big food and seed companies. I’ll be taking my money to the “little guys,” and to my own garden. They will have to arrest me if that law passes. 
There is a lot that is messed up in our world right now. It’s overwhelming, but we can do a little bit everyday to be more awakened and conscious. When I went gluten-free, I became a label reader. I cannot buy the food I once did because it isn’t real.  I cook more at home, and the more conscious I become the less I want to eat and when I do, I want to eat lighter and simpler. 
We, the people, always have the power, not the big companies, but we have to all do our part and OWN our power. When we do, we will find being disconnected from our nourishment is a heavy price we are paying, and we will be inspired to reconnect. For me, it took eating a real egg to reconnect me on a larger level. I now commit to no more cow’s milk, not that I drink it, but I buy it for others in my family. I will now be supporting coconut or almond milk. It’s another step, and….
…one step at a time, makes it Simple. 

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