Project: Recipes

Last night I tackled a project that has been sitting upon my desk: going through recipes.  I held in my hands newspapers, which read: Dear Housewives:…..then offers a recipe. These were in my grandmother, Lillian’s old tin recipe box. Some recipes were on old, yellowed envelopes in my grandmother’s fine handwriting. I could smell the scent of old as I unfolded each paper. Most of them were recycled. Recipes seemed as stale as the paper they were on.

I also went through some of mine. Kept the ones I could convert to Gluten-Free, and discarded the others. I also started a file of recipes on my computer, along with pictures I’ve taken of the meals. Eventually all my recipes will be in this folder, and who knows- do I see an Angry Spaghetti cookbook someday? So I don’t get overwhelmed with trying to type up all the recipes at once, I have decided to do it one meal at a time. It gives me a reason to cook and convert.

Here is one I made tonight:  Maple Glazed Salmon.  Going in the file.


Check out the recipe at the “Recipes” tab

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