Something New

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the kitchen. I went back to my hometown for a family funeral, and when I did return to the kitchen, I made easy dishes, ones I know. Nothing new, but today I tried something new. I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t really want to. In a way I wanted to stay in my same old state of, not yet, maybe tomorrow.

To nudge myself toward new- I thought about what I wanted- chicken. Then I had a taste for prosciutto, and I remembered a recipe.  Prosciutto wrapped around chicken with capers.  That was it.  A new recipe- well, one I did make years ago before being gluten free and one I  knew where this time, I’d be creating a sauce recipe from scratch- one I’d never made before. one I didn’t even know existed. I’d wing it.

I went to the store, bought prosciutto, capers, cream and cheese.  I wrapped the thawed chicken in two thin slices of prosciutto.  I made a flour recipe to drench the chicken: GF Flour, paprika, pepper, salt, and rosemary.  Dressed the chicken and pan fryed in olive oil and butter, each side for 5 minutes, then put in a baking dish to bake for 20-30 minutes at 350.

While the chicken baked, I created the sauce.  From the chicken bits in the pan, I added marsala wine, 1 cup of cream, capers, more butter and thinking it was a good idea, cheese.  The cheese wasn’t a good idea. It was a big clumpy mess, and I threw the clump of cheese away, leaving the cream and capers to simmer.

The prosciutto was crisp and melted in my mouth. The capers added their flavor, and I served with spinach. What I learned is: don’t add cheese to my sauces, and I may need to give up dairy. My body isn’t loving it.  I also learned, even when I resist trying something new and want to stay stuck in the familiar, I will trust there is another part of me that wants to expand. Deepen. Learn and try new things. Grow and go with it.  If nothing else, allow something new.

New.  Simple.  

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