OMG- I Love These Muffins

In my cooking class, How to Boil Water with now famous foodie, Andrew Zimmern I was given a booklet of recipes.  Blueberry Muffins was one of them.  Before this class, I would have never considered making my own blueberry muffins. In my head it wasn’t even possible.  When I went gluten-free I thought I’d never get to eat these amazing muffins again.  Until that is, I discovered gluten-free flour. 
The first few times I made them there was this odd smell and taste which came from, I’m guessing the flour. This smell and taste began showing up in most of my baked goods. If anyone knows what this is, please do tell so I buy nothing that has it in it.  
Fortunately, without knowing what this odd smelling/tasting ingredient specific to gluten-free food is, I have not noticed it for a while, and it defiantly was not present in the muffins I made this weekend. I have to say, this was the best batch of muffin mix yet. Even my daughter, who always asks, “Mom, are they gluten-free?” liked them.  

I knew they’d taste great when they looked so good before they were cooked, and even better when they came out. 

Look for recipe on the “recipe” tab, and scroll down.
Give love to your family. Never buy packaged muffins again. 
Enjoy.  Simple.  

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