It’s Not Real

My daughter Alyssa often says, “Not real.” She says it as it relates to skinny, gorgeous women or when we watch an episode of Hoarders.

Lately, when I go to the supermarket with my other daughter, Lilli who is 10, and she asks me for fruit snacks or Pringles, I say, “That’s not food.” She responds, “Mom, why do you keep saying that?” and puts the artificial snack back on the shelf.

An unforeseen gift in my journey of gluten-free living is I see with new eyes. Packaged, processed food don’t feel, look or taste like food.  “IT’S NOT REAL.”  And the question, I ask:  Are we real? Are our bodies alive?  Yes, is the answer. Then why would we feed my bodies some fake-ass food?  Just sayin’.

As we change, everything we see changes.  And what happens when we change is we become more real.  Less artificial. More authentic. Less fake. Our bodies, minds and souls become harmonized and purified, and our food choices will and do reflect who we are becoming- free, light, loose.

Real. Simple.


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