It Begins With a Fast

Shortly after moving to California, I fell off the gluten-free wagon. I had one too many cheeseburgers and donuts. After awhile, I started to feel miserable. Depressed. Irritable. Weak. Fatigued. Sore muscles. Heavy Breathing. Instead of thinking it was gluten, I thought it was something else. I guess I didn’t want to give up my donuts and my cheeseburgers.

But then on a Friday night. Not the first of the year. Not a Monday morning. Just some random Friday night, I decided not to eat dessert. Made a cup of green tea instead and for the next three days I de-toxed. De-tox for me meant, no gluten. No dairy. No sugar. 
Here is my Day One Detox Breakfast:
Scrambled eggs with spinach and paprika & a fruit smoothie
One orange
One banana
One pear
A splash of water or 100% juice

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